Smart Nora
Non-Invasive Snoring Solution 

Smart Nora is a young start-up that has invented and delivered a contact-free snoring solution, designed to stops snoring without waking up the snorer or their partner. 

The device has a microphone, equipped with a snore detection algorithm, that listens for sounds of snoring throughout the night. Upon detection, a silent pump is activated to gently inflate and deflate an insert that rests under the snorer’s pillow. This slight movement stimulates the throat muscles to interrupt snoring. 

I led the design, communications and user experience of Nora. Having developed the product’s brand, the visual language was implemented throughout all promotional campaigns and PR initiatives. I also designed new systems for the customer care services, organized the product user trials and led the beta test groups for accompanying app. 

Created at Smart Nora Inc.



By running a Kickstarter campaign for 30 days, Nora was funded for more than $800,000, which enabled us to immediately form the start-up and begin the manufacturing process. Shortly after the campaign, we launched our Shopify store, receiving pre-orders for more than 10,000 units in less than a year.


product user trials

Nora was constantly tested with users in order to improve both the hardware as well as the firmware. In the initial round of trials, couples were provided with a hand-made prototype of Nora along with a sleep monitoring kit. We followed up with them regularly, recorded their feedback and observations through daily surveys, collected the data after the trial period and analyzed the results with our sleep scientist. 

Once factory samples of Nora were ready, we shadowed and observed our users’ interaction with the product (from unboxing to set-up) and continued to collect their sleep data and personal feedback for analysis and improvement.


product development

During the process of design for manufacturing, I collaborated on the inspection and documentation of revisions to various elements—from the specifications of the LED colours and patterns, to the modifications of the felt bag, to stress-test instructions, to the packing instructions for the factory to follow.



Having outlined the sitemap, created the wireframes and designed the interface, I oversaw the development of the app, continuously checking functionality and the accuracy of the snore-detection through controlled settings and various audio samples. I also led the beta tests with 300 Nora user volunteers, gathering their feedback to outline bugs and crashes to be fixed for new builds.