Communication Aid

Verse is a new communication system for people who have acquired speech impairing conditions and experienced a drastic change in their lives due to their disrupted circumstances. 

Based in augmented reality, this contextual language interface allows users to engage in conversations simply by looking at their surroundings. With the help of computer vision technology, a person only needs to look at an object for the system to recognize the item and reveal its relevant lexicon. The displayed words are then used to construct sentences, which are spoken through the system's text-to-speech functionality.

Verse utilizes the elements in one’s environment to enable self expression, allowing users to communicate without being dependent on the help of caregivers and loved ones to translate their personal thoughts.

In Collaboration with Antton Pena, John Bertolaso and Janna Fuller
Completed at RCA / Imperial College 

Recipient of Wates Giving Fellowship, Shortlisted for Helen Hamlyn Design Award
Presented at Communication Matters Conference



Upon a visit to Treloar’s school of enabling education, we recognized the limitations in existing communication aids and the demand for a seamless system. A number of insights were derived from observations and interviews, and we explored the areas that were in need of significant improvement—the most glaring of which was the difficulty to engage in social situations without the help of a caregiver. We realized that to enhance engagement in conversations, we had to increase the speed and efficiency of communication aids, making their content adaptable to the user’s activities and surroundings.